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Freedom Road

Matthew 7:13,14

John 8:31-47


Lest We Forget

Five Reasons For The Fall of The Roman Empire by Gibbon

1. Rapid increase of divorce; undermining the dignity & security of the

home, which is the basis for human society.

2. Reoccurring increased taxation; spending public moneys for free bread &

circuses for the populace.

3. Rage ( mad craze ) for pleasure; sports becoming more exciting & brutal

every year.

4. Rearmament; military defense spending out of control when the real

enemy lay within; the decadence of the Roman people.

5. Religious decay; faith fading to form, losing touch with life and

becoming an impotent guide for people.


The world asks the question of Pilate, " What is truth? "


Jesus is the Answer " I am The way, The Truth, and The Life, no man goes

to the Father except through Me. " John 14:6


Two roads , One wide that leads to destruction; the other narrow which

leads to life.


I. The Origin: Road to Eternity: Where Mankind Once Was - Genesis 1:26-31


1. God views the world differently than we do " And behold it was very

good. "

2. God views people differently than we do also.

A. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

B. For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son. - John 3:16

3. God made people in His image.

A. God is Spirit - We are spirits living in a fleshly tabernacle.

B. God is Love - The foremost command to man is Love God, secondary love

our neighbors as ourselves.

C. God is Peace ( Jehovah-shalom ) - He expects us to be peacemakers

reconciling people to the Prince of Peace.

D. God is Light - Our primary responsibility is to be lights in the

darkness reflecting the Light of the World.

E. God is Life - He gives the abundant life here and the eternal life

hereafter. Is Christ living in you or have you resurrected the old you?


4. God made mankind, male and female created He him to be the Keepers of



5. If you are in Christ you are in service, His service. Keepers of

Eternity. Be in service when its convenient and when it isn't; in season

and out of season.


II. The Fall: Road To Death: What Mankind Became - Romans 1:18-32


1. Began with dishonor of God and ingratitude - Roams 1:21


2. Ends with degradation and death for practicers and enablers - Romans



3. Friction with promise - Galatians 5:19-26

A. Friction with man and God - 5:19-21

B. Fruit of Promise for Life - 5:22-26


4. Futility with Hope - Romans 8:22, 23

A. Creation groans as a woman in childbirth for Christ's return - 22

B. Return brings redemption and adoption - 23

C. Edenic conditions restored - Revelation 21:1-8


III. The Purpose: The Road To Freedom: What We Can Be - John 15:1-17


1. Abiding In The Source of Truth - How? 15:1-10

A. Abide in fruit bearing - stay involved - 15:5

B. Abide in prayer - stay in tune - 7

C. Abide in love - stay in touch - 9

D. Abide in obedience - stay connected - 10


2. Abiding In Jesus - Why? 15:11-17

A. He makes us to be filled with a joy like His joy -

B. He is not only our Saviour but our friend.




The road to freedom is narrow because it the only Road Is Jesus, the

Christ, the son of the Living God.


It is wide enough to include everyone who will trust Him alone for their



You don't have to be under wrath, Christ has paid the price of sin with

His own blood.


You can be free and on heaven's road. If the Son makes you free, you are

free indeed.


You can be under love today.

He will forgive your sin and give you the gift of the Holy Spirit - Acts


He will give you an earnest desire to reach out to those who do not know


He will set you free from sin and death.


Only trust Him.