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A Wonderful Prophecy of The Light

Isaiah 9:1-7



Play: Breath by Becket

Presents non-Christian world view

35 seconds long.

Opens with a human scream

Followed by spotlight on a heap of trash.

Spotlight scans up and then down.

Spotlight turned out.

Inhale - Exhale.




The message of this prophecy came at a dark time in the history of God's chosen people -

People were cut-off from God - Isaiah 8:19-22

Consulting Occult - 19,20

Cursing God - 21

Causless, Depressed, and Gloomy - 22



If the world had been doing well without Jesus there wouldn't be much cause for celebration.



When Christ invaded earth from heaven it wasn't a memorable event in itself except for a few people.



Only because of His " in the nick of time " (Galatians 4:4)

rescue of mankind and His victory over sin do we remember.

When we look only to this life ... when we reflect only upon human achievment ... when we let despair drive us to depression ... when we remove ourselves from the source of The Light ... the only thing left is darkness.



Out of darkness will come the presence of God and rejoicing.

Waiting on a deer stand for dawn to come.

Gloom of night transforms to the joy of daylight.

Always brings a smile to my face when my ancient enemy is replaced by the dawn's early light.



We need to recapture reasons for rejoicing as we approach the time commemorating the greatest comeback in the world.

Victory over sin and death begun with the cry of a baby in Bethlehem and finished with a glorious resurrection after a horrible death on a cross.



This promise of latter day glory for God's chosen nation brings joy to all people who see God's Great Light.



This Prophetic Promise Isaiah 9:1,2

Fulfilled in Jesus - Matthew 4:12-17

Expressed in John 1:1-5

Darkness To Light

Sadness to Gladness

Hopelessness to Hope Eternal.



The Establishment of Peace Isaiah 9:3-5

Increased Joy - 9:3

Oppressors and means of oppression destroyed - 9:4,5



The Sign Isaiah 9:6a

A Baby who is King -6a

A Baby of Unique Birth - Isiah 7:14



The wonderful hope that this season proclaims is found in this passage of Scripture.



Let us examine the reasons given for such a joy filled hope.

I. God Gives To Us A Wonderful Possession - 9:6

" For a child will be born to us, "



1. A Heavenly Possession - Jesus Chose to Come Here

Philippians 2:5-7

2. A Sacrificial possession - Jesus Chose to Die For Us

Hebrews 9:27,28

3. An Eternal possession - Jesus Gives Us His Spirit

Ephesians 1:13,14



II. God Gives To Us A Wonderful Present - 9:6b

" Unto us a Son is given "



1. A Gift of Love - John 3:16

2. A Gift of Peace - Romans 5:1

3. A Gift of Hope - 1 Timothy 1:1



III. God Gives To Us A Wonderful Promise - 9:6c,

" And the government shall be upon His shoulders "



1. Righteous Authority - Matthew 28:18

2. Abiding Presence - Matthew 28:19,20a

3. Continuing Promise - Matthew 28:20b



IV. God Gives To Us His Wonderful Person - 9: 6d

" And His name shall be called ... "



1. Wonderful - Extraordinary

2. Counselor - ( Commentary: Isaiah 11:2-5 )

3. Mighty God - Immanuel = God with Us

4. Everlasting Father - Father of Eternity

He inhabits and possesses eternity.

He is the source of eternal position.

He holds the keys to death and Hades (Revelation 1:18)

5. Prince of Peace - Provision and Provider



V. God Gives To Us A Wonderful Purpose - 9:7

" There will be no end to His government or His peace. "



1. We are His ambassadors - 2 Corinthians 5:20

2. We are His prayer warriors - 1 John 5:14

3. We are His children - Romans 8:16






God was in Christ reconciling Himself to the world

making a wonderful provison for us.

A Savior when we were without hope.

Salvation when we were dead in our sins.

His Spirit when we needed His presence.

Service when we needed growth.



Today you have a wonderful opportunity.

You can yield yourself to the Author of eternal Salvation

(knowing the author is even better than reading the Book)

Hebrews 5:9



You can walk hand in hand with the One who has the keys to death and the abode of the dead.

Revelation 1:18



You can live with Him who never dies and provides immortality to His people through the Gospel.

2 Timothy 1:10



Imagine: Packers in the next Super Bowl.

Favre goes down on the opening play.

Team down by the score of 21 - 0

Fourth quarter begins and Farve runs out on the field.

Rallies the team to win in the closing seconds of the game

Electrifying moment ?

NOT the last second touchdown.

BUT Farve running out onto the field.

The moment would not be remembered, without victory.

Personalize This Prophecy

"For unto me is born this day a Saviour who is Christ The Lord"